Thursday after Epiphany

Love is not a feeling, it is an act of our will by which we wish goodand not evil to another. We may have our personality conflicts andemotional predilections, but we must seek to do good to all people. Godloves us even when we are devoting sin. He expects us to adore otherseven when they do us wrong.

For many of us, this is a lifelong struggle. It is a struggle toforgive as Christ forgives, to show mercy as God evidences mercy, to wishwell to another when others bids tribulation to us. We have the ability of Godwithin us, since we have been begotten of God.

Practically speaking, adore of neighbour is not always easy, but withGod’s grace it is feasible. Love is man’s first calling. The Lordcalls us to give ourselves to bring true happiness to others.

As the Christmas season ends this coming Sunday, on the Feast of theBaptism of Jesus, we should continue keeping the needs of othersforemost in “peoples lives”. There is so much we can do to show God’s loveto others. Even as the emblems are maintained and the recognition ofChristmas dims, we are able to stand Jesus’ lighting to glisten within us byliving the commandment of affection for our brothers and sisters. This iswhat Jesus calls us to do. We must actively participate in the missionfor which Jesus came.

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