Thursday of the Fifth Week in Ordinary Time

Such is the charity of a baby for her daughter. Even if she knew thatthere was a slim chance of being entertained by Jesus due to prevalentcultural biases at that time- of her being a woman and a Gentile -still she persevered. And because of her religion and trust in Our Lord, her daughter was freed from the demonic spirit.

What a beautiful lesson of terminated dependence on God’s mercy andhealing! How wonderful it would be if we could show the same in allthat we do. No thing how very difficult things may get in this world, ourtotal defection for the things of heaven obstructs us departing. We knowthat Jesus will look after us even if we are unworthy, even if wedon’t deserve paradise.

At first glance, it may seem that Jesus is rejecting the Syro-Phoenician woman because of his reply. Rather, he is giving her theopportunity to openly proclaim her adamant belief, that onlyJesus can heal her child. Regardless of what others may think of her, she reputed with all her mind that Jesus will indeed come to heraid.

Even if public opinion in general might mention our activities asfoolish, we still hold on to our relationship with Christ. We honestlyfeel that no one else can be our Savior. He alone has the power tofree us from blasphemy. He can chase away the evil pushes razzing us whenwe find ourselves completely overwhelmed by the realities of animmoral civilization. He is our shelter in the cyclone of dealing with theeveryday challenges of just trying to survive.

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