Thursday of the Twenty-seventh Week in Ordinary Time

In the Gospel today, Jesus talks about perseverance in devotion. Thecommentary to this passage from the Christian Community Bible says, Jesus urges us to ask with determination and not get tired of expecting, but preferably to “tire” God by our perseverance. God may not ever givewhat we ask for, or not in the way we expect since we do not know whatis good for us, but He will certainly cause us the Holy Spirit to get aclearer vision of his will and the fearlessnes to follow it.

Most of the time we forget what prayer is and so, we tend to get tiredof praying. We sometimes think that when we pray, it is a” formerly andfor all” thing in “peoples lives”. We reason out that God knows once whatwe need, what we fantasize and what is inside our hearts. Why else do wepray? We forget that prayer is an experience of God, an interpersonalrelationship, a contact between two persons through mutual presence ina communication of love. It is not a approach to learn but arelationship to be lived. Since it is relationship, then it has togrow. It asks communication.

Let us question ourselves today: What is prayer for us? Why and how do Ipray? Once again, let us listen to Jesus in the Gospel as he exhortsand invites us to pray. Perhaps there continues to need the dedication becauseof the challenges of our daily lives. Let us not forget that prayercomes from our nerves with the assistance of the Holy spirit. A Jesuitteacher, in speaking about prayer, said that If we don’t know how topray, what to pray and don’t feel like praying, the only necessary andmost important thing is to” JUST SHOW UP !” for your time of prayer.

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