Vegan Baked Lamington Donuts & Donut Holes

If you love Lamingtons but find them fuzzy to procreate, try these easy Vegan Lamington Donuts and Donut Holes instead. They’re is easy to utter, broiled, covered with chocolate and coconut, filled with raspberry jam and bake up in simply 15 minutes.

side view of a vegan lamington donut hole with one bite taken

Coming at you with a recreation alternative to a traditional lamington! Vegan Lamington Donuts!

You could call these a sleepy cooks Lamington- because they are well easier to procreate than the original. These vegan donut faults have all the hallmarks of the Aussie dessert classic; A fluffy cakey donut filled with jam, then covered in chocolate and finally wheeled in coconut. All the flavor of a lamington, but without the fuss and bother.

side view of vegan lamington donuts and donuts holes cooling on a cooling rack

There’s much debate between Australians as to whether a lamington should contain jam or not. My focus for these donuts is on taste , not habit. I entail, what’s not to love about the combination of tart raspberry jam, chocolate, and coconut.

Imagine a fresh, fluffy, perfectly cooked doughnut loophole, fitted with still warm raspberry jam-pack and dipped in a rich vegan chocolate glaze, then tossed in shredded coconut. Trsut me, these are seriously good.

I give you two alternatives now! I know that not everyone has a donut broiling tray, so you will be happy to lear that a mini muffin tray or a mini bundt cake tin can be used instead. Maybe even a cake pa tin. You can clear these Glutenfree by applying my Glutenfree Vegan Vanilla donuts recipe

vegan lamington donut holes and baked donuts on a white cake stand


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