#VH1CouplesRetreat: Ray J Suspects Princess Sent Sexy Lingerie Selfies To A Side Dude & Admits To CREEPIN’ While Separated — “I Entertained A Couple B*tches”

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Ray J and Princess Love are still picking up the articles in their union after separating last year over Ray’s alleged adultery and figuring things out. The duo decided to delve into some of the hard questions they’ve had while filming for VH1′ s “Couples Retreat” and things went tense on last-place night’s episode.

Remember when Ray J was recognise tongue hugging Sarah Oliver while continuing to married to Princess? Apparently, Ray and Princess still lived together throughout their separation and the mother of his two babies had more a matter of him about what he was doing during that breakup.

Princess: Have you been entertain b* tches since you registered for divorce?

Ray J: I entertained a couple b* tches.

Princess: Where’d you meet them?

Ray J: I came to the airstrip club.

Ray J associate myself with observers that he was caught creepin’ recently but says he didn’t go too far.

I made a mistake in Atlanta and reached out to some random…and she went through my phone and know that. Never formerly did I hook up with the person or persons. Was I wrong? Absolutely.

On the flip side, Ray feels like all of his creepin’ may have caught up to him because not he supposes that Princess might be sending someone sexy photos behind his back. The singer and performer invited his wife straight up about a piece of lingerie he saw poking out of her pocketbook that he says she never wore for him.

” I viewed lingerie in your pocketbook” Ray told Princess who seemed mystified.” I have lingerie in my pocketbook, in my drawers …” she said, terribly matter of factly.

Do YOU belief Princess might be creepin’ on Ray J this time? Hit play to see it.

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