What Is The Difference Between Soul And God?

The difference between God and the Soul explained.

The Soul itself is God; even in the insensitive position, the Soul is the God. The divergence lies only in the understanding. For example, when one is at home, people “re just saying”,’ He is this woman’s husband.’ And when he goes to work, people say,’ He is the boss/ employee.’ And when he is with their own children, people “re just saying”‘ He is a father.’ But he is the same person throughout.

Similarly, it is the same Soul that is in the ignorant territory; in the interim state; and in the ultimate district( God )! And each one has ascribed an adjective according to the work or the character one represents or acts. God is within each one of us in the form of a pure Soul, in an indivisible form. Since we have the foolishnes of’ Who am I’ and out of that foolishnes, we trust’ I am this body’, we are an regular living world; and as and when we realize that “I am not the body or the epithet pay close attention to my mas; I am only a pure Soul” then you yourself are God.

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From Soul to God

The Soul of every living being is perfect in every action and is completely independent of the internal thinkings or the outer the acts of the living being within which it resides. Exactly as lubricant and irrigate never combination, the Soul and the body it resides in, never mixture. The reason why we are unaware of Its existence and cannot know Its marvelous owneds is that it is covered by infinite curtains of ignorance.

These infinite shrouds of ignorance can be broken simply after Self-realization. This is the moment when you stop attaching new karma and start finishing all your pending karma. When all this karma is depleted, the pure Soul is completely unveiled. Such unadulterated Soul without any covers or cover-ups is the Absolute God!

The Soul cannot be seen, felt or understood by any of our five abilities, the Soul can only be experienced. It is likely to be suffered through its intrinsic assets. The Soul has infinite properties and that is the very explanation of what is God 😛 TAGEND

God is infinite Knowledge. God is infinite Vision. Idol is the ultimate Truth. Divinity is pure Love. Idol is unaffected by any grief or amusement. God is infinite Bliss.

How to experience the wonder of the Soul?

The knowledge of the Self can only be attained through an enlightened coach. The Enlightened One does not touch or vex our worldly life at all. He simply removes the root justification on which our worldly life is based i.e. the stupidity of Self; and instructs us with the experiential knowledge of the Self, by yield us the answer to the question’ Who am I? ’ Thereafter, we stop binding brand-new karma and dissolve the pending past karmas.

To conclude: The Soul and God are one and the same and this is our real use. We will never suffer the unadulterated Soul until the false belief is destroyed. The only highway to rupture this false belief of’ I am this figure and name’ is by acquiring the knowledge of our real Self i.e. the unadulterated Soul. The more the knowledge of the Self is established, the greater is the ceaseless know-how of the unadulterated Soul i.e. Godhood.

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