When You Meet Someone Great . . . And Then Get Too Excited . . . (Matthew Hussey)

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When we fill someone we like, it’s human nature for our imaginations to run wild. No sooner have we been on a great date than we start assessing where things could go and all of the ways this person could be the one.

These estimations( which are just thinkings) start leading to real excite. And this visceral enthusiasm proselytizes into force. And more foresees.

The power comes in the form of investing so much better in this person–thinking about them, trying to reach out to them even when we don’t get the same in return, talking to our friends about them.

The reputed responsibility is where we start telling ourselves that this situation is “high-stakes.” “They could be the one! ” we believe. “We better do everything right. Don’t want to mess this one up.”

And all of this leads to the meticulous scheming and obsessing over every move we compile. All of which is counterproductive to the kind of energy that, perhaps, might be right to bring to a second conversation with person.

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