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Happy Friday! Welcome to Women’s Cycling Weekly issue 21 [?]

I don’t know about you but I was at a bit of a loss last weekend without any scooting to watch, it didn’t help that the forecast was uncharacteristically torrential [?] here in Girona. In the absence of watching other people exert themselves some friends and I made a( veggie) Sunday roast( a big deal as a Brit living in Spain) — the jury is still out as to whether the voluminous glasses of red wine I ate along with it were worth the groggy feeling( I won’t call it a hangover) the next day.

Anyway, thankfully the short-lived scooting shortage — and my’ hangover’ — has come to an end and we’re back to regular programme( at least for the next week or two ). Get the snacks in, the Ardennes are coming!

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An exciting new campaign, The Run Up, launched today. The video sequence will document Trek-Segafredo, SD Worx, and Canyon // SRAMas they prepare for some of the biggest World Tour races. The first video — documenting preparation for Liege-Bastogne-Liege — will be released on the 24 th of April. To catch out more stay therunupseries.com and follow development projects on socials @therunupseries.

What is life like before race daytime? The Run Up knows.On April 24 th, go behind the scenes as WorldTour units is fully prepared to one of the biggest scoots of the year! pic.twitter.com/ y7nXjdGUsB

— Trek-Segafredo (@ TrekSegafredo) April 16, 2021

The UCI soothed the penalties for threshing bottles( such issues that attained it into the New York Times) after the exclusions and penalties that came out of Tour of Flanders just after the rules were introduced. The UCI said that although the lesser penalties of fines and rankings degrees reductions will be handed to first-time offenders rather than an immediate DSQ, they will still be clamping down on littering and propelling bottles.Organisers of the Noblewoman Tour of Noway have announced that the scoot will peculiarity a summit finish for the first time, a 10 km-long climb up to the Norefjell ski resort.SD Worx announced that they have signed 19 -year-old Kata Blanka Vas. The Hungarian national advocate of both cyclocross and artery will join the team from June 1st. Ellen van Dijk of Trek-Segafredo has were positive for Covid-1 9. The Dutch rider said she started to feel ill after the Tour of Flanders and subsequently were positive for Covid-1 9. She posted on Instagram saying she was glad that Paris Roubaix is adjourned as it signifies she can still race and that she had, “Only regular flu evidences so far, so hopefully soon back on the bicycle! ” There have since been no further updated information about her predicament. She will miss Amstel Gold on Sunday. Get well soon, Ellen! In more equestrian illness news, Anna van der Breggen missed Brabantse Pijl due to a non-Covid-related illness. She is, however, on the start list for Amstel Gold Race on Sunday.Van der Breggen’s team, SD Worx, have aligned themselves with the TRADE project — a crowdfunding projection for research into dementia — during the course of its Amstel Gold scoot. More intelligence now. Someone else who is happy about the Paris Roubaix postponement is Marianne Vos, who has said that she was not primarily planning to race on its original time of April 11 th but will consider lining up in October.A new UK-based multi-disciplinary and gender-balanced team, Spectra Wiggle p/ b Vitus, launched today. The squad will hasten across street, mountain bike and cyclocross and aims to obtain UCI licenses across all three trains. Find out more via their Twitter and website. If you’re interested in the topic of the pelvic flooring( not a type of decking or a men’s WT team sponsor ), then tune into British Cycling’s Ignitemonthly meeting for women and girls, and instructs of women and girls. The meeting is on Wednesday 21 st April at 7 pm BST and you can sign up here.Slightly late to this one as it started on Tuesday, but the gorgeous Evolve Cycling Network teamed up with Lady Fatemah Trust and Arabiq online to launch ‘ 30 Daylights of Rahma’with daily activities during Ramadan.


Ruth Winder of Trek-Segafredo acquired Brabantse Pijl 1.1 by a gnat’s whisker and a Boss Bike Throw, leaving Demi Vollering of SD Worx in second after she celebrated what she thought was a victory. Elisa Balsamo of Valcar Travel and Service took third. If you missed the hasten you can catch up with foregrounds here.

#BPwomen2 photographs of today’s finish. It was close … pic.twitter.com/ JnFMOfflYu

— Team SD Worx (@ teamsdworx) April 14, 2021

Upcoming Race

After a year’s hiatus due to Covid, the Amstel Gold Race 1. WWTreturns on Sunday. This time, the scoot will be held on a closed circuit with no devotees, although riders will still clothe the usual ascents of the Geulhemmerberg, Bemelerberg, and Cauberg. It’s an early one, starting at 8: 30 am CET and will be disseminated from 8: 30 am on NOS.nland NPO1 in the Netherlands and on GCN/ Eurosport from 11:05 CET. Read a hasten preview now. View the provisional start list here. When you’ve finished watching Amstel Gold don’t put off the TV too soon because the last hour of the Vuelta CV Feminas 1.1 will be broadcast on GCN/ Eurosport from 12:05 CET. Too on Sunday 18 th, April is the Grand Prix Feminin de Chambery 1.2. View startlist here.The Ardennes come thick and fast with La Fleche Wallonne 1. WWTon Wednesday. If she’s recovered from the illness that behold her sit out Brabantse Pijl the coming week, will Anna van der Breggen be able to make it the seventh win in a row? The scoot starts at 8: 35 am and will be broadcast on Eurosport/ GCN from 11:05 am. View race preview here. View( patchy) start listing here.

Read [?]

Sarah Gigante chronicles her first time scooting the Tour of Flanders.Elinor Barker on her promises for the Tokyo Olympic Games.Is a transition fund for retiring pro-women feasible? Nikki Brammeier on RED-s and cycling’s unhealthy obsession with weight, in her own utterances. An interview withCoryn Rivera on scooting the Ardennes and her ends for Tokyo and Worlds.In conversation withKailey Kornhauserand Marley Blonsky aka the stars of the’ All Torso on Bikes’ film, probing deeper into the message. Team Tibco-SVB,Paris Roubaix, and progress for women’s cycling. Teniel Campbell’s latest blog for CyclingNews.On improving diversity in cycling .


Freewheeling is here again with a brand-new segment( that IMO should become a thing)’ cyclists in gondolas en route to the airport, this time featuring Abby in conference with Tayler Wiles. Plus loads of other converse about racing and whatnot.

Scoots You Should Know

Not so much’ words you should know’ as a whole race that flies in the face of the arbitrary drawbacks named for women’s cycling that we nowadays consider’ normal’. Sure, we all know that the pro-women would be capable of riding longer intervals over more places, especially with the growing depth of the women’s peloton — but did you know that there used to be myriad scoots for women that has just taken place over two weeks or more?

In this article , Isabel Best — scribe of the gorgeous work Queens of Pain — details one of the toughest stage scoots ever contested by wives, the Ore Ida. Held in Idaho and run by an ex-Marine, the race was so hard that the UCI refused to ratify it( not much has changed, then ). While the piece cores in different areas of the Ore Ida it captures a moment in time where women’s cycling was prospering and prays the question of where we might be now had the trajectory continued. The race — and another like it– lost sponsorship and UCI did as the UCI does and — for rationales known simply to them — set a limit of six daytimes for the women in multi-day scoots during the 2000 s( the Giro Rosa being the one exception ). As Isabel writes 😛 TAGEND

This crisis and its lawsuits, from which women’s race is only starting to recover, have never been adequately scrutinised. We talk of thriving the women’s sport, but we should also talk about what’s been lost. And we might ask how it was feasible that Messrs Verbruggen and McQuaid, in their personas as presidents of the UCI from 1991 to 2013, earmarked such a flourishing scene to die out on their watch.

If the fib itself hasn’t piqued your interest, they are able I recommend reading it for the likeness alone?

More info on the race here.

Feel Good Friday [?]

The first ever all-female bike scoot in Iraq took place through the war-ravaged streets of Mosul this week. Thirty-five brides took part in the event with the aim of deepening demeanours in republican Iraqi society about women and girls riding bicycles, as well as the need for regeneration in the area after injury from the war.

Mosul hosted its first all-female cycling marathon in Iraq where daughters on motorcycles remain an singular see pic.twitter.com/ tQKEgGV7uh

— Reuters (@ Reuters) April 13, 2021

More epitomes here.

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