WWE Legend Booker T Stars In Bad Bunny’s New Visual For “Booker T” [Video]

Bad Bunny has never been gentle about his love for striving, and for his latest music video, he paid tribute to one of the sport’s most loved entertainers.

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On his latest album, El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo, Bad Bunny has a song announced ” Booker T ,” in which he raps about being a king and a advocate at his meridian, just like the WWE legend.

” Porque estoy en mi peak( ey) Estoy en mi crest (‘ doll en mi pinnacle) Soy un rey, campeon, Booker T( wuh, wuh, wuh)( Booker T )”

Since this song is listed after the hotshot, it simply obligates since that the Puerto Rican singer get the real wrestler to appear in his video-and from the seeks of it, Booker T was more than happy to make love. He told the Houston Chronicle that Benito reached out to him instantly as a devotee to ask about the music video.

” He was one of the babies growing up that was doing the Spinnarooni and scissor kicking soul ,” Booker revealed to the local paper.” That’s what was so cool about it, it was organic. He was a fan of mine, I’m a fan of the new generation. It just lets me know where I’ve gone in my occupation and how many people I’ve touched along the way. I might not know all the words, but I feel the vibe and I definitely dig the record .”

Check out the music video for” Booker T” down below 😛 TAGEND

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