You Are Appreciated: 10-Year-Old Jedeah Reynolds Talks About Being “Proud” For Helping Derek Chauvin Conviction

This brave child deserves to take a moment to smell these flowers.

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Source: CatLane/ Getty

Earlier today, we talked about the multitude of people who worked in concert to see to it that Derek Chauvin was convicted of every crime he was charged with and is sentenced appropriately for the purposes of the decisions. Darnella Frazier is unquestionably one of those people. However, another call that should be highlighted, celebrated, and slathered with love and respect is 10-year-old Jedeah Reynolds. At the time that George Floyd was murdered, Jedeah was only 9-years-old. That is a devastatingly young age to be a first-hand witness to extinction. Jedeah is Darnella’s younger cousin and she was standing right next to Darnella while she filmed Floyd’s last living minutes. Imagine how gravely she’s been traumatized by Derek Chauvin.

Jedeah and her mother spoke to Robin Roberts today on Good Morning America where she was asked how she felt about watching Derek Chauvin be convicted of assassination to which she coyly replied,” Kinda proud .”


Jedeah is clearly at the senility where she can understand what’s going on right now but perhaps in few more years she’ll have even more awareness of the role that she played in this historic civil rights victory. Chauvin’s decision is not the Olympics. There aren’t really any champions. There is no question that the Floyd family would transactions a trillion legal success for a chance to have their loved one back here in the physical. Still, what Jedeah did cannot be understated and we hope that she gets mending just like her big cousin.

God bless this family. We pray that Chauvin’s sentencing reaffirms the blood, sweat, and ruptures that it made really to get the conviction of a police officer for crimes against the Black community.

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