Your Daily Focus: May 1-7

Your Daily Focus: May 1-7 | California Psychics Understanding Your Daily Focus

It’s Taurus season, which is a nice, relaxing cool-down after the Fire of Aries season. Taurus season likewise brings the start of true-blue spring. Warmer weather is on the way, and just like the sturdy bulbs of annuals below the face of the earth, the world begins to bloom again. Like springtime, Taurus opens up gradually, and then all at once. This is a sign known for being a homebody, with a kindnes for works, menu, and cozy solaces. Taurus also affection mood, for as an Earth sign, it’s important for them to get out and put their feet in the grass, the beach, and the ocean. Tactile and observant, Taurus likes to drink in the world around them. They like comfort, information possessions, delicately embellished interiors, and the company of the same few, loyal friends.

As we cuddle Taurus season full-on, the fiery intensity from Aries season fades into something warm and contained, a willingness to stay put, explore options before expecting, and, for the first time in a while, say no to things that might not turn out well for us. Taurus isn’t a big risk-taker, but when they do decide to commit to something, they will stick with it.

In this week’s Daily Focus, I want to look at some of the large-hearted exertions that we are able to all be feeling under the sign of Taurus.

Saturday, May 1

“[ Taurus] is ruled by Venus, making you appraise the sensual surface of soul. When you feel the pull of fascination you can’t help but give in. Just be sure that your defeat is worthy of your enthusiastic, possessive compassion .” -Livia Lang

Venus is the goddess of enjoy, perfection, fornication, and hope. As the ruler of Taurus, sensuality permeates into all aspects of life while under this sign. It’s not just about sex, it’s about charm. The newness of springtime, the architecture downtown, the laugh of children. All of these are easier to appreciate during this time.

Sunday, May 2

” Taureans are stubborn as blaze. They never want to tell you what signed they are…But underneath that tough Taurus hide flogs the heart of a hopeless dreamy .” -Armistead Maupin

Taureans are often less interested in astrology than other signs, perhaps because they appreciate the discernible above all else. They want to see it to believe it, and if they can’t do that then you’ll have a hard time swaying them. But don’t be moron, this is because what all Taureans hope for deep down is occult, the unbelievable, to be proved wrong and shown that there is wonder in the world. Take time today to look for new wonders and relish them.

Monday, May 3

” I don’t forgive. I’m a Taurus .” -Lily Anderson

Like all Earth signs, a Taurus won’t have any problem letting you go if you’ve done them wrong. If you’re someone who usually struggles with boundaries, this time could be helpful for you in clearing hard choice and saying goodbyes.

Tuesday, May 4

“Taurus has a somewhat face

And likes her convenience best.

She’ll eat you out of house and home

Then take the longest rest .” -Bernie Morris, Colleen Thatcher

I love Taureans because Taureans enjoy solace. Comfy drapes, delicious menu, and long daytime siestums. All of such is luxuries and inevitabilities for a Taurus. It’s good to focus on yourself and your bodily needs. Make sure you’re feeding yourself well, sleeping well, and doing things that you experience doing.

Wednesday, May 5

“The Bull governeth money, credit, indebtedness, and gifts.

While the sunlight is in Taurus, deal with unfinished business.

Settle your affaires, lest they trouble you later.

Should you receive an surprising reward, devote it for the future .” -Deborah Harkness

Taureans know how it works to get things done. They’re organized and driven, and often the kind of people who do well in institution and go into higher learning. The intensity of the Bull will bring focus to you now, peculiarly if you have any Earth sign placements. Use this exertion to induce the changes “youre supposed to” make.

Thursday, May 6

” A Taurus, however, will meticulously means out all the steps required to applied pretty much any scheme into action. They likewise have such commitments and staman to see it through to the end, ensuring a positive outcome .” -Mia Rose

A Taurus won’t rush into anything. In fact, they often need to be persuaded. It’s rare that they will jump in headfirst without taking into consideration not only the risk, but the remuneration as well. If you’re facing some big changes, now is a great time to consider all of your options and think rationally about your selection.

Friday, May 7

” I’m an animal of the earth, a Taurus. I was never born of breeze, of spray, or of flame. I’m a animal of gravitation and I could feel the anchor whisper. The same thing is happening to me in old inns when I’m staying on the twenty-second floor. I open a opening and want to fling myself out .” -Sue Grafton

Whenever an Earth sign regulates the sky, it’s important to ground yourself. Don’t get too caught up in the inconceivable, the what if’s, the maybes. Think about what is in front of you, “ve been thinking about” the road ahead, feel the grind beneath your paw and keep them there, floored, as you move forward.

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