Your Daily Focus: November 21 – 27

Your Daily Focus: November 21-27 | California PsychicsUnderstanding Your Daily Focus

I talk a lot about the benefits of Tarot placards as a self-help tool, and I truly can’t overstate how profitable I think it is to look within yourself daily. Tarot cards are just one course to do this, but they’re an unbelievably fertilizing implement that’s worth getting to know. Being able to look at key elements of your life with a closer eye is always supportive, and every placard in the deck will give you something to be considered, whether you’re using them for divination or not.

For me, it’s important to look at all aspects of my life, and the cards furnish easy revelation. The bowls suit asks us to look at our feelings, the swords at our spirits, the sprigs at our fervours, and the coins at our finances and professions. The trump card, or major arcana, provide insight into different, more specific aspects of life as well. This signifies every placard will have something to offer anyone who encounters it.

In this week’s Daily Focus, we’re examining the week through the lens of Tarot placards. Whether you want to keep track all week or simply indicate for a moment, here is an opportunity to direct your energy in ways that will best invoke your vibrations and align you with the Universe.

Saturday, November 21

“An Ace is always a offering, something you didn’t have before and which could potentially benefit you greatly.”

The Ace of Wand is asking you to pay attention to your fervour activities. If you have been feeling stunted in any area of your life, monetary, innovative, or sex, the answer is to look toward what feels good. This placard is the permission you’ve been seeking to direct your attention toward something you may worry is a “waste of time”; “its not”. Nothing that feeds your feeling is a waste of time. Don’t forget that.

Sunday, November 22

“The Page of Cups is, like all Pages, bizarre above all things. Ever willing to gave her middle on the line, to be prone not because she is brave but because she knows no other style to be.”

Today is all about emotional vulnerability. If you’ve been putting off a difficult conversation , now is the time to have it. Don’t hide how you feel today, hug it. Remember that your feelings don’t have to be the biggest in the office to concern. They matter.

Monday, November 23

“I envy the Fool, for at least he is willing to try new things.”

What are you afraid of? Failure, accept, burnout? Today is a day for examining the root of your frights and trying to push through. Just because you don’t know how to do something doesn’t mean you can’t learn. Try adding “yet” to the end of your negative contemplates. “I can’t meet this goal. Yet.”

Tuesday, November 24

“Make sure to receive energy back in the same sums with which you render it.”

The Six of Coins is a card of community, in a sense. It reminds us to lean on those around us when we need help, as well as reminding us to give help when we can afford to do so. But this is a delicate ecosystem, whether the generosity is physical attention, financial support, or emotional support, there must be a give and take relationship. Today is a good day to examine the ecology of your relationships.

Wednesday, November 25

“What you have, you’ve worked for. Don’t feel like you don’t deserve it precisely because there’s still further to go.”

The Ten of Coins is the card for today, and it’s a remember to appreciate what you have, and to recognize the make that is entered into coming where you are today. It’s good to focus on the future, but if you’re invariably driving yourself harder and moving your goals, make sure you’re likewise taking time to celebrate your accomplishments.

Thursday, November 26

“What feeds your mind? Is it their own families, ties-in, good book, a warm meal? The Ten of Cups is all things comfort and completion.”

While the Ten of Coins implores you to look at the definite compensations of your work, the Ten of Cups is asking you to look at and acknowledge your feeling communications and realization instead. This card is all about pedigree, togetherness, and connecting. Make sure you’re appreciating what you have now, while still looking toward the future with an open heart.

Friday, November 27

“Anything can be a way out, if you need it bad enough.”

The Chariot is a favorite of mine, because I personally enjoy escapism. I can swim apart on anything, a good album, a volume, my own resource. Sometimes, when things are less than ideal, devastating, stressful — merely overall bad, it’s important to have your own little escape. Take time today to get out of your own head for a bit, you’ll feel better.

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